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the princess is rocking steady


Kitty Kat



August 23rd, 2007


Kitty Kat

Talk about "blast from the past" -- I haven't blogged in this thing for over 2 years. WTF?!

Myspace took over my life and I totally neglected LJ!  

Sorry LiveJournal, I will make it up to you.

July 24th, 2005

Remember me?! :D

Kitty Kat
These pics are loooong over due. Most are from Aeris' 1st birthday (7.11) and the others are just random shots of Aeris. :)
She's walking everywhere now!! She claps her hands when she's happy and knows how to work the dvd player! LOL!
She loves watching her Baby Einstein dvds and enjoys snacking on her Gerber Fruit Puffs. I know these pics aren't that much but I felt the need to update in LJ since I've been gone for so long! >.<

It's been a long timeCollapse )

July 8th, 2005


Kitty Kat
Hi everyone! I know I haven't been updating here on LJ but I've got myself a domain! :) A lot has happened since the last time I've updated. I still come back to read all your entries and I'm sorry for being a bad friend here because I know that I don't comment. :(

Anyway, I'm still planning on posting pictures up here but I've been busy uploading all the html stuff on the new site. There's a gallery there where you can see all of Aeris' new pics and other random camwhoring stuff.

I put up a new video of Aeris. To watch it just click here.

Aeris will be turning a year old on the 11th of this month! :) We'll be throwing her a little bbq at the park. She's walking more and more now and her upper "fangs" are growing out. It isn't the two front ones .. that's why I said "fangs".

Okay -- kisses to everyone!!

with love,

June 16th, 2005


My wittle monsta! Rawr!
The Aeris StarCollapse )

Well, Aeris is 11 months & 5 days old. She did the cutest thing today. I think she thought that Therese was still here so, she crawled all the way to Bob's room and knocked on the door. I told her that Therese isn't home and that she went to San Fran but she was persistent and kept on knocking. So, I opened the door and then she realized that Therese wasn't there. She didn't even bother to go inside the room, she just made this "disappointed" face and crawled away.

I told her that it's okay because she'll be coming back in August.

She can understand when I ask her, "Where are the puppies?" -- she'll look for my puppy bedroom slippers and point to them. And earlier this evening, she was whining because she wanted her bottle. But I was still shaking up the formula so I told her, "Kiss daddy first." She made this "Maaaaan!" face and sat up, kissed John, and then went back to whining for her bottle. Cute cute cuuuute!!^^

She stands herself up without the aid of a chair, couch or me, mind you. She'll get up and try to take a step to walk. But of course, she's still practicing. She'll get the whole walking thing soon enough. ('-')

She's been really breaking out w/ her Eczema tho. This Vegas weather really isn't fit for someone with really dry skin. As you can see in some of the pictures that she's got some red patches on her skin. We have medicine for it tho and we put it on her everyday along w/ Aveeno lotion. I just wish that it'll go away so that she won't have to scratch herself while she's sleeping anymore. :(

I don't know if any of you know this, but Aeris holds on to my ears when I carry her, lay next to her and when she's sleeping. So, I now know why I was born with ears that stick out -- they're for Aeris to hold on to. :D

But dry skin and everything -- she amazes me more and more.♥

John's done with his Bike schooling. We'll be heading to DMV tomorrow so that he can schedule his road test. He's such a happy bunny right now because now he's one step closer to getting his café bike. Yep. So when he finally scores his own bike -- he'll be out riding every .. single .. day. :P

June 7th, 2005


Okay, these pictures were taken during our super mini MINI vacation to Cali. We were only there for a day. :P Some of the others were taken last week. I'm too lazy to put them in order because there's so frickin' many!! It's not in the proper order of oldest to newest -- so you'll have to forgive me.

John, Therese, Aeris and I went to Cali on Sunday night to pick up John's mom. We rented a 2006 Chrystler Pacifica -- and let me tell you -- it's such a nice car. I wouldn't mind having one. :) Anyway, the girls wanted to go shopping, but the boys were "too tired". Plus, John had to drive back the next day so he really wanted to get as much sleep as possible. So -- that means -- we didn't get to go shopping. Aww. Sad face.

Anyway, I'll make this an Aeris update while I'm at it.
She's almost 11 months old -- she still isn't walking yet. But she attempts to do so every now and then. She seems quite the joker. I think she knows that she's making us laugh with certain things she does and gets a kick out of it when she sees that we're enjoying her "entertainment".

Another thing --she hates babyfood She makes this "yuck" face when I give her some and would prefer big ppl food instead. We went to the Grand Lux Café at the Beverly Center in Cali. We ordered a Goblet of Strawberries for her. It looked soooooooooo good. I ended up eating most of it. LMAO. So, I've realized that she really enjoys eating fresh fruit, especially strawberrys and b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Sorry if this entry isn't making any sense .. my contacts are nearing expiration and I think I need to drop the kids off at the pool, if you know what I mean.

May 26th, 2005

Aeris Update: 10m2w1d

Kitty Kat
Sweet CakesCollapse )

Well, Aeris is about 10 months old now. She still isn't walking yet and her top teeth hasn't pushed thru. I don't even know if she's teething again yet.

But, she kisses on demand and sometimes, she'll give you a kiss just because she wants to! ^-^ It's adorable. Today, John was sleeping and she sat next to him, leaned over and kissed him on his cheek.

She says "mama" now. And I think she's really calling me because that's the only time she'll say it. I was in the bathroom a couple of days ago and I was brushing my teeth. She crawled over to me and when I looked down at her, I asked, "Yes baby?" and then she answered, "mommy" with her arms reaching for me. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!

And she actually sang a song today. I don't know what song it is but it goes like this: da da da .. HEY!

So when you see Aeris -- ask for a kiss and she'll be willing to give you one.

You might end up with a wet nose or a lot of baby drool on your face .. or maybe you guys will have a saliva string going on .. but it's still freakin' cute as heck♥

May 22nd, 2005


Kitty Kat
Just ThreeCollapse )
Well, we're all sick. I think Aeris got sick first cos I noticed that she had a runny nose and she was cranky. Then, John got sick. Now .. it's mommy's turn. I guess my immune system wasn't as bangin' as I thought it was. Seriously tho -- is there a virus going around?? Cos everyone's been getting sick!!!

Anyway, Therese is coming here on Tuesday and I already know that we are going to gossip like backstabbing schoolgirl bitches. I can't wait. I always enjoy girly conversations♥

Okay, I'm going to make some tea for me and my hubby. The San Agustins are sick.

..That's fever sick .. not gross sick, okay?!?!

May 21st, 2005


Kitty Kat

unlimited photo storage = yayness

add me: vivaglamour

May 18th, 2005

Nice Hair & Chubby Cheeks

Kitty Kat

Just wanted to put this pic up for my mom --
so that she can see how my hair looks like now.

See. No more blonde hair!!
I'm a cute brunette again.♥

May 9th, 2005


Kitty Kat
Cali VacationCollapse )

Anyway, I hate posting up a lot of pictures all at once. Cos I have to resize everything via Photoshop and then upload them and then put them up again. But I promised to do it so here they are. These aren't everything tho -- we took way too many pictures during the vacation. Plus, I don't know if gensupafly is planning to post pics of his own. But whatever.

Sorry for the lame text entry -- I think all the copy and pasting drained my will to blog.
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